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The Importance of Bicycle Fit

A quality bicycle fit from Trek is just as important as a Trek quality bicycle.  If you're not fit correctly, you're more than likely not going to enjoy your new ride.  In addition, maybe you have an existing bicycle and it's "just not comfortable."

Common symptoms of a poorly fit bicycle or the incorrect size bicycle can include:

  • Hand Numbness
  • Neck, Back, Shoulder, Knee Pain
  • Foot Irritation or Numbness
  • Eye Strain
  • Loss of Handling or Unsteadiness
  • Loss of Performance 

At the Trek Bicycle Store, it's our goal to have everyone fit correctly to their bicycle before they walk out the door, from a classic cruiser up to a high performance time trial bike.  It's also our goal if you already own a bicycle (it doesn't have to be a Trek) to place you in a position where you're comfortable whatever your riding goals may be. And for your privacy, all of our location have dedicated bicycle fitting areas for our customers.

We have several staff members who have been certified in the art of bicycle fit from different schools around the U.S.

For more information about our bicycle fit services, stop in to or give us a call at one of our stores.

Before you come in for your fitting, we have a few important things to note that will make your experience as accurate, safe, and comfortable as possible.

  • When you arrive for your fitting, it very important to wear shoes that you would normally ride a bike with.
  • Please wear cycling or athletic clothing; work clothes, baggy shorts, skirts, etc. decrease the accuracy of a bike fit and size determination.
  • Bring your current bike, favorite saddle (if applicable), pedals, helmet, and gloves (for test riding).
  • Remember, our professional fitting services are by appointment only! Please plan ahead and call in advance to schedule your fitting appointment.