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Great group rides are great fun!
Meet new fellow cyclists,
get a nice draft from the pack,
or challenge yourself against others.
We have some of the best group rides in the area!

Looking for Events or Ride Maps?

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You are advised that you ride at your own risk, our rides carry no insurance, and there is no corporation involved to have insurance. Bicycling can be a hazardous sport and is a means of transport, undertaken at your own risk; you must wear a helmet, headphones(earphones) are not allowed for the safety of the group. Please review the safety section below and familiarize yourself with the etiquette of group riding and Florida's cycling laws by clicking the links provided.


Aerobars are welcome, but we ask that they be used only when you are in the front of the group or way off the back. In a questionable situation where the cyclists are a little scattered, it is recommended to not be in the aerobars until a group forms or you are completely on your own.

Every Sunday - Estero Location
Sunday Progressive Ride

  • Start Time: 7:30am
  • Trek Bicycle Store of Estero parking lot
  • 36 Miles
  • A-Group: 26-32mph
  • B-Group: 20-22mph

Join our growing Sunday morning group ride from our Estero store! Challenge yourself for 36 miles in any of the designated groups. Be safe and comfortable on the bike with thoughfully designed routes and managed speeds.
Trek Bicycle Store of Estero

8001 Plaza Del Lago Dr
Ste 101
Estero, FL 33928
Coconut Point Mall

Every Sunday - Fort Myers Location
Welcome Ride

  • Start Time: 7:30am
  • Trek Bicycle Store of Fort Myers parking lot
  • 15-37 Miles
  • Open to all experience levels

Our first loop of approximately 15 miles will be at the pace of the slowest rider with no one left behind. The ride is open to all experience levels and we have had riders on hybrids, fitness bikes and road bikes, so the pace has generally been 14 to 15 mph. This part of the ride will mainly be on Bike Paths and in the  Linear Park.

Many in the group, especially new and experienced road cyclists will continue on the second loop which will cover another 18 to 22 miles, with an increased pace, and again it will be a "no-drop" ride. This second loop will be on bike lanes and paved shoulders up and down the Treeline Corridor and basic pace line etiquette will be practiced.  Trek Bicycle Store store will host coffee at Dunkin Donuts after each loop.

Give us a call for more information!
Trek Bicycle Store of Fort Myers

8291 Dani Dr
Ste 105
Fort Myers, FL 33966
Colonial Corners

Every Saturday - Naples Location
Saturday Morning Progressive Ride

  • Start Time: 7:00am
  • Trek Bicycle Store of Naples parking lot
  • 22 Miles
  • 17-20 mph

Join our challenging Saturday Morning Progressive from our Naples store! This is a moderately paced ride to Naples Pier and back.
Trek Bicycle Store of Naples

9051 Tamiami Trail North
Ste 99
Naples FL 34108
Across from Whole Foods

Every Wednesday - Estero Location
Wednesday Morning Coffee Ride

  • Start Time: 7:30am
  • Trek Bicycle Store of Estero parking lot
  • 32-40 Miles
  • 22-24 mph

This is an invigorating start to a mid-week work day! Join us in Estero as we head out either to the Airport or to Vanderbilt Beach Road. The pace is moderate and the route is easy and fun. After the ride stick around for coffee and talk at Panera or Starbucks.
Trek Bicycle Store of Estero

8001 Plaza Del Lago Dr
Ste 101
Estero, FL 33928
Coconut Point Mall

Trek Bicycle Store