Trek mountain bikes are built for off-road adventures - fat knobby tires, flat handlebars, wide-range gearing, and suspension.
Trek Cross Country Mountain Bikes. Superfly Hardtail, Full-Suspension, 29'er
Trek Cross Country bikes are built for breakthroughs—to bigger challenges, to new heights of performance, to the podium.

Trek Sport Mountain Bikes. Marlin, Wahoo, 4900, 4500, 4300
These bikes are built to withstand the elements and do your bidding, whether that’s riding off curbs, venturing onto your first singletrack, or completing your first race.

Trek Gary Fisher Dual Sport Bicycles. 8 Series DS.
It's the perfect choice for the rider who wants a bike that’s fast on the road, capable of spirited off-road excursions, and ready for everything in between.